Management Training & Development

Management Training & Development2021-05-14T21:03:30+01:00

Well trained and competent managers are better equipped to meet the challenges they face when managing individuals and teams.

How managers carry out their role has a direct impact on outcomes for themselves, their teams and the organisation. We train managers to become confident, capable and effective managers. Our training is delivered by experienced managers and is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Managing Attendance2021-05-14T10:59:42+01:00

Research shows considerable costs associated with employee absence continues to create challenges for many organisations. Whether the absence involves a pattern of attendance or a short or long-term absence due to ill health, the line manager must address the issue. We train managers to identify and monitor trends of employee absence, !nd ways of reducing the cost of absences and develop their skills and competence in managing absences appropriately.

Performance Management2021-05-14T11:04:12+01:00

Line managers are crucial to the successful implementation of any performance management system. Often managers do not have the skills to provide effective real time feedback, deal with under performance or facilitate employee development. We train managers in these areas, increasing their confidence and competence to implement performance management successfully.

Conflict Management2021-05-14T11:07:45+01:00

Conflict is a normal part of any interpersonal relationship and can be a catalyst for change and improvement. The challenge arises not in the presence of conflict but how it is managed. Where conflict is avoided, ignored or not dealt with appropriately, an unhealthy working environment is created that can have a negative impact on individuals and the organisation. We train managers to identify the causes of conflict in the workplace, understand how different positions, interests and needs can create conflict and help managers develop skills to deal with conflict effectively.

Coaching Skills for Managers2021-05-14T11:10:33+01:00

Where a coaching culture exists employee engagement, job satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity are increased. Supporting growth and development of employees also assists in attracting and retaining talent. Managers are increasingly expected to use coaching techniques to guide and empower employees to achieve results. We train managers to develop these skills and feel competent and comfortable to use coaching techniques as part of their management style and to apply them in managing their workforce.

Interview Skills for Managers2021-05-14T11:22:09+01:00

When selecting new employee’s, it is essential they have the knowledge, skill and competence to work effectively in that role. Making the wrong candidate can have a negative impact on the organisation with significant associated costs. This risk can be reduced by through competency-based interviewing. It provides a standard and objective approach to selection and provides transparency and consistency of decision making. We assist managers to improve the effectiveness of the selection process by training them in competency-based interviewing.

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