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HR Management2021-07-12T20:45:07+01:00

Irwin HR recognise that people are at the core of every organisation and effective people management is a critical success factor.

Our experience has shown that organisations who continuously look at how they manage their people and make improvements to their practice get the most from their employees’. Managers who wish to increase motivation, job satisfaction and performance of employees, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism and turnover, need to adopt a proactive approach to people management. Our experienced team at Irwin HR can help you to do just that.

Recruitment and Selection2021-05-13T22:30:01+01:00

Recruiting the right candidate is critical to the success of any organisation. At Irwin HR we help you to get this right by developing a job description and personal specification for the role you require, using tried and tested techniques of job analysis. In addition, we provide support and assistance in the recruitment and hiring process from interviewing stage to preparing contracts and commencement.

Onboarding and Induction2021-05-13T22:41:14+01:00

As an employer you are seeking to attract and retain the best candidates, and in doing so you only get one chance to impress. The candidates experience of your onboarding process will not only affect your organisations brand as an employer, but may have a negative impact on employee job satisfaction, performance, level of engagement and retention. We can provide you with the support and assistance you need to develop an onboarding program that meets the needs of your organisation and establishes behaviours of employees.

Performance Appraisal2021-05-13T22:43:12+01:00

Research has shown that employees’ perception of the fairness of procedures in place to manage performance and method of allocating rewards, affects how much management is trusted and the level of employee engagement and commitment to the organisation. You can avoid the negative aspects of performance appraisal by letting us assist you in developing, implementing and managing a fair and equitable system appropriate to your needs

Organisational Development2021-05-13T22:44:40+01:00

Organisational development involves a systematic approach that aligns the organisations strategy, people and processes. Adopting this approach drives success through continuous development necessary for growth and prosperity, together with change to procedures, structures and culture. Our organisational development specialists at Irwin HR will observe the behaviours within your organisation, analyse the problem and recommend appropriate interventions to address speci”c issues and improve outcomes.

Policies, Procedures & Guidelines2021-05-13T22:48:03+01:00

Irrespective of the size of your organisation, policies, procedures and guidelines are essential as they guide and direct employees in terms of what is required and acceptable, and the consequences in the event of a breach. HR polices that need to be brought to the attention of the workforce are often referred to in the employee handbook. Developing these can prove time consuming and a challenge for some organisations. We can take the pressure o! and work with you to develop documents that comply with best practice and legislation

Employee Retention2021-05-13T22:57:04+01:00

As high employee attrition rates are costly and disruptive, many organisations strive to reduce their employee turnover rate and keep employees. Difficulty retaining employees can be a symptom of an underlying problem within the organisation causing employees to become dissatisfied, reduce their level of motivation and commitment to the organisation, which ultimately affects productivity. Our skilled team at Irwin Management Consultancy understand what drives employees to leave. This knowledge is used to identify the underlying cause of high attrition rates and recommend interventions to improve employee retention within your organisation.

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