Dignity at work relates to how employees are treated in a work context. Managers are responsible to ensure that a safe environment exists where all employees are treated with dignity and respect. This is achieved by communicating expectations to employees in terms of behaviours and ensuring bullying, harassment and sexual harassment is not tolerated. Those subjected to inappropriate behaviour can suffer negative consequences caused by stress. This can affect both the health and wellbeing of the individuals involved and workforce at large, as morale and performance is affected. In order to safe guard employees, a policy/procedure on Bully and Harassment should be in place and communicated to all employees. Managers should be equipped with the skills to challenge non-compliance of the policy and respond appropriately by following the correct procedures. Where issues are dealt with incorrectly matters can escalate or lead to a breach of legislative requirements. Irwin HR can assist you by: –

  • Developing a Dignity at Work policy and procedures to follow to manage a breach of the policy.
  • Training managers how to manage the process where inappropriate behaviour occurs or a complaint is made
  • Providing managers with the necessary support throughout the various steps of the process.