Although conflict is inevitable and cannot be avoided, it can be the catalyst for positive change and innovation. How conflict is managed will influence the outcome and the long-term impact on the relationships of the parties involved. Mediation is an effective method used to deal with issues and disputes that has caused conflict. An objective mediator facilitates and supports parties to work together, negotiating and agreeing a sustainable solution. This flexible and adaptable approach assists parties to communicate effectively, demonstrate respect for each other and develop effective working relationships going forward. There are several ways to improve how con#ict is managed, that can be undertaken separately or together. These include: –

  • Improve managers competency through training in manage conflict
  • Develop and implement an in-house mediation service to deal with conflict
  • Engage an experienced external mediator to work with parties in conflict

We will advise you on the best option for your organisation and support you in implementing your decision.