Employee Relations

Employee Relations2021-05-15T18:01:45+01:00

The legislative and procedural requirements concerning employee relations, necessitates experience to navigate this specialised and often complex area.

Whether developing employee relations policies or dealing with a specific issue, we at Irwin HR provide our expertise to support and facilitate you to make informed and appropriate decisions.

Conflict Resolution2021-05-13T23:03:19+01:00

Conflict is a part of life and can occur where a difference of opinion, belief, interest, values or perception exist. Conflict can be a catalyst for change and improvement or be destructive and damaging. It is not the conflict itself but how it is managed that will influence the outcome and ongoing relationship between the parties involved. Our trained and experienced mediators provide assist and support to organisations who seek to manage the process effectively and constructively manage conflict.

Managing Grievances2021-05-13T23:06:09+01:00

How organisations deal with issues will have a positive or negative impact on the workforce. Managing grievances and complaints inappropriately can damage trust and communication between management and employees, resulting in employees’ motivation and productivity being affected. Our team provides managers with guidance on how to manage grievances in a way that maintains positive relationships with employees. This is achieved by: –

  • Developing a policy and procedures on how to deal with employee grievances appropriately
  • Training managers how to manage the process of dealing with employee grievances
  • Providing managers with the necessary support throughout the grievance process
Managing Disciplinary Procedures2021-05-13T23:11:53+01:00

When dealing with employees it is inevitable that issues arise at some point that may become the subject of a disciplinary process. Some managers are not experienced in this field or may seek to avoid confrontation or the ‘difficult conversation’. This approach can be costly as managing disciplinary issues incorrectly can see matters escalate or lead to a breach of legislative requirements through non-compliance with the correct process. Our team can assist you to manage the process effectively by: –

  • Developing a policy and procedures on how to manage disciplinary issues
  • Training managers how to manage the disciplinary process effectively
  • Providing managers with the necessary support throughout the various stages of the disciplinary process
Managing Dignity at Work Issues2021-05-13T23:23:09+01:00

Dignity at work relates to how employees are treated in a work context. Managers are responsible to ensure that a safe environment exists where all employees are treated with dignity and respect. This is achieved by communicating expectations to employees in terms of behaviours and ensuring bullying, harassment and sexual harassment is not tolerated. Those subjected to inappropriate behaviour can suffer negative consequences caused by stress. This can affect both the health and wellbeing of the individuals involved and workforce at large, as morale and performance is affected. In order to safe guard employees, a policy/procedure on Bully and Harassment should be in place and communicated to all employees. Managers should be equipped with the skills to challenge non-compliance of the policy and respond appropriately by following the correct procedures. Where issues are dealt with incorrectly matters can escalate or lead to a breach of legislative requirements. Irwin HR can assist you by: –

  • Developing a Dignity at Work policy and procedures to follow to manage a breach of the policy.
  • Training managers how to manage the process where inappropriate behaviour occurs or a complaint is made
  • Providing managers with the necessary support throughout the various steps of the process.
Managing Workplace Investigations2021-05-13T23:25:05+01:00

Workplace investigations maybe necessary in a number of circumstances including allegations of misconduct, non-compliance or when an adverse event has occurred. When a workplace investigation is warranted, it is in the interest of every organisation and the parties involved that this is carried out in accordance with natural justice and in a timely manner. Failure to conduct an investigation correctly can be damaging and costly for the organisation. The requirements of a robust investigation may present a challenge for some organisations whose managers do not possess the capacity or skill to conduct an investigation.  Irwin HR can support you by providing experienced independent investigators when required.

Employment Law2021-05-13T23:26:16+01:00

This area can be a cause of concern and anxiety due to the complexity and volume of legislation that can create a risk of exposure due to noncompliance. Let Irwin HR support and guide you through this and empower you to make appropriate decisions connected to employment issues and to comply with legislative requirements

Employment Tribunals2021-05-13T23:27:30+01:00

In the event you are required to attend an employment tribunal, we can provide you with expert advice and support, including access to legal representation if required.

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