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Continuance Professional Development


Continuous professional development is essential to keep up to date, be challenged, stretch and grow. Irrespective of your position, opportunities exist to develop skills and techniques to develop professionally and personally. The training outlined below is an example of where you can advance new skills. In addition, we develop bespoke training for groups using industry experts and in partnership with each organisation.

Enhancing Resilience

Given the pace and intensity of work demands placed upon employees in complex and changing environments, developing greater resilience within the workforce is important. Enhancing employees’ ability to deal with challenges, adversity and uncertainty will create a more robust and dynamic workforce at all levels, positively impacting on performance. We train you to identify and manage stressors and to develop strategies to increase your ability to succeed when faced with the demands of the job or situation.

Interview Techniques

Are you in the process of looking for a new job or going for promotion? If so, you will soon find yourself preparing for an interview. Those who succeed at interview are not always the best person for the job, but those who performed best. Invest in yourself and learn the skills you need to demonstrate to potential employers that you are the best candidate for the job. Through working with experienced career coaches, you will learn interview techniques that will help you prepare effectively and improve your performance on the day.

Confidence Building

Everyone experiences self-doubt at some point. When this is due to low self-esteem it can affect confidence and prevent us from trying new things, living a full life and reaching our potential. In turn this can cause unhappiness and affect our mental health. Learn techniques to increase your self-esteem and feel more confident so that you can create the future you want.

Assertiveness Training

Communication is key in every relationship. How you interact with others is important not only in terms of how others perceive you, but the results you achieve at work and in your personal life. When you are assertive you engage with others and express your views respectfully. Your decisions are made for the right reasons rather than an inability to say no and to please others. Our experienced trainers will help you learn this important skill, which will allow you to be authentic, earn respect and manage stress.


Mindfulness is a tool increasingly used in organisations to help employees become more aware of their experiences and to respond with clarity and compassion. This helps to increase emotional intelligence, improve relationships, creating greater focus, creativity, productivity and quality of decision making.

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