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Save money by learning to delegate tasks.

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Enhancing Resilience2021-05-14T11:31:00+01:00

Given the pace and intensity of work demands placed upon employees in complex and changing environments, developing greater resilience within the workforce is important. Enhancing employees’ ability to deal with challenges, adversity and uncertainty will create a more robust and dynamic workforce at all levels, positively impacting on performance. We train you to identify and manage stressors and to develop strategies to increase your ability to succeed when faced with the demands of the job or situation.

Managing Attendance2021-05-14T10:59:42+01:00

Research shows considerable costs associated with employee absence continues to create challenges for many organisations. Whether the absence involves a pattern of attendance or a short or long-term absence due to ill health, the line manager must address the issue. We train managers to identify and monitor trends of employee absence, !nd ways of reducing the cost of absences and develop their skills and competence in managing absences appropriately.

Executive Coaching2021-05-14T10:48:41+01:00

Executive coaching is an intervention that supports the development of existing leaders,  key decision makers within the organisation, managers and those identified as high potential individuals. Coaching can assist executives faced with a particular challenge or dilemma or when taking up a new role. Investment in the coaching process can be transformational for the individual and the organisation, as executives develop greater self-awareness, build on their strengths and focus on areas that need developing. As a result, effectiveness and performance improves as learning is transferred into achieving business results. We can provide experienced external Executive Coaches appropriate to your needs.

Interview Techniques2021-05-14T11:33:21+01:00

Are you in the process of looking for a new job or going for promotion? If so, you will soon !nd yourself preparing for an interview. Those who succeed at interview are not always the best person for the job, but those who performed best. Invest in yourself and learn the skills you need to demonstrate to potential employers that you are the best candidate for the job. Through working with experienced career coaches, you will learn interview techniques that will help you prepare e”ectively and improve your performance on the day.

Performance Management2021-05-14T11:04:12+01:00

Line managers are crucial to the successful implementation of any performance management system. Often managers do not have the skills to provide effective real time feedback, deal with under performance or facilitate employee development. We train managers in these areas, increasing their confidence and competence to implement performance management successfully.

Conflict Management2021-05-14T11:07:45+01:00

Conflict is a normal part of any interpersonal relationship and can be a catalyst for change and improvement. The challenge arises not in the presence of conflict but how it is managed. Where conflict is avoided, ignored or not dealt with appropriately, an unhealthy working environment is created that can have a negative impact on individuals and the organisation. We train managers to identify the causes of conflict in the workplace, understand how different positions, interests and needs can create conflict and help managers develop skills to deal with conflict effectively.

Confidence Building2021-05-14T11:35:40+01:00

Everyone experiences self-doubt at some point. When this is due to low self-esteem it can affect confidence and prevent you from trying new things, living a full life and reaching your potential. In turn this can cause unhappiness and affect mental health. Learn techniques to increase your self-esteem and feel more confident so that you can create the future you want.

Coaching Skills for Managers2021-05-14T11:10:33+01:00

Where a coaching culture exists employee engagement, job satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity are increased. Supporting growth and development of employees also assists in attracting and retaining talent. Managers are increasingly expected to use coaching techniques to guide and empower employees to achieve results. We train managers to develop these skills and feel competent and comfortable to use coaching techniques as part of their management style and to apply them in managing their workforce.

Assertiveness Training2021-05-14T11:37:14+01:00

Communication is key in every relationship. How you interact with others is important not only in terms of how others perceive you, but the results you achieve at work and in your personal life. When you are assertive you engage with others and express your views respectfully. Your decisions are made for the right reasons rather than an inability to say ‘no’ and the need to please others. A lack of assertiveness can lead to conflict with others and a feeling of being over whelmed. Effective communication is especially important for those in management positions. Our experienced trainers will help you learn this important skill, allowing you to be authentic, earn respect and manage stress.

Interview Skills for Managers2021-05-14T11:22:09+01:00

When selecting new employee’s, it is essential they have the knowledge, skill and competence to work effectively in that role. Making the wrong candidate can have a negative impact on the organisation with significant associated costs. This risk can be reduced by through competency-based interviewing. It provides a standard and objective approach to selection and provides transparency and consistency of decision making. We assist managers to improve the effectiveness of the selection process by training them in competency-based interviewing.


Mindfulness is a tool increasingly used in organisations to help employees become more aware of their experiences and to respond with clarity and compassion. This helps to increase emotional intelligence, improve relationships, creating greater focus, creativity, productivity and quality of decision making. Let us help you reap the benefits of adopting a mindful approach through developing and implementing targeted initiatives within your organisation.

HR Strategy2021-05-13T23:34:26+01:00

In every aspect of business planning is essential and HR is no exception. A HR strategy that is in line with the organisational strategy, provides focus and direction in terms of performance and highlights areas that require attention. By developing and implementing HR plans that reflect and integrate systems and practices throughout the organisation, the workforce is supported to reach the goals and achieve results. Whether you are going through a transition or seeking to change the culture of the organisation. Irwin HR can assist and guide you to develop, communicate and implement a HR strategy for your organisation.

Conflict Resolution2021-05-13T23:03:19+01:00

Conflict is a part of life and can occur where a difference of opinion, belief, interest, values or perception exist. Conflict can be a catalyst for change and improvement or be destructive and damaging. It is not the conflict itself but how it is managed that will influence the outcome and ongoing relationship between the parties involved. Our trained and experienced mediators provide assist and support to organisations who seek to manage the process effectively and constructively manage conflict.


Organisations require a range of reports. These include annual reports, which illustrates growth and improvements made, offers a method of comparison and supports the development of future plans. In some instances, reports are required in response to a certain situation or aimed at a speci”c audience. Some organisations may “nd developing a comprehensive and well written report challenging. We can eliminate the burden by providing additional capacity, skill and expertise to produce reports supported by research and analysis.

Performance Management2021-05-13T23:38:39+01:00

The benefits of an effective performance management system in terms of increased motivation, job satisfaction and improved performance is clear. This continuous process provides a framework to manage human resources effectively, promote and support governance, accountability and good management practices. The success or otherwise of any performance management system depends on the line manager. Often managers demonstrate a reluctance to engage and communicate effectively with employees, fail to set goals, targets or expectation and avoid giving feedback. This is a missed opportunity for developing employees and keeping them motivated that affects the organisations outcomes and outputs. Irrespective of whether you seek to implement change, in#uence culture, improve quality, increase productivity optimise results or develop employees, Irwin HR can work with you to develop this strategic tool and train managers how to manage the process effectively for the best results.

Recruitment and Selection2021-05-13T22:30:01+01:00

Recruiting the right candidate is critical to the success of any organisation. At Irwin HR we help you to get this right by developing a job description and personal specification for the role you require, using tried and tested techniques of job analysis. In addition, we provide support and assistance in the recruitment and hiring process from interviewing stage to preparing contracts and commencement.

Managing Grievances2021-05-13T23:06:09+01:00

How organisations deal with issues will have a positive or negative impact on the workforce. Managing grievances and complaints inappropriately can damage trust and communication between management and employees, resulting in employees’ motivation and productivity being affected. Our team provides managers with guidance on how to manage grievances in a way that maintains positive relationships with employees. This is achieved by: –

  • Developing a policy and procedures on how to deal with employee grievances appropriately
  • Training managers how to manage the process of dealing with employee grievances
  • Providing managers with the necessary support throughout the grievance process
Talent Management2021-05-13T23:40:23+01:00

Managing talent effectively means striving to attract, develop, engage and retain individuals identi!ed as being of most value to the organisation. A talent management strategy illustrates the approach adopted to managing employees throughout their life cycle within the organisation. Managing your talent pool effectively leads to a high performing and learning environment, cultural change, diversity and succession planning for key positions. The future of your organisation is too important to leave to chance so let our team help you to develop the right strategy to meet your needs.

Managing Disciplinary Procedures2021-05-13T23:11:53+01:00

When dealing with employees it is inevitable that issues arise at some point that may become the subject of a disciplinary process. Some managers are not experienced in this field or may seek to avoid confrontation or the ‘difficult conversation’. This approach can be costly as managing disciplinary issues incorrectly can see matters escalate or lead to a breach of legislative requirements through non-compliance with the correct process. Our team can assist you to manage the process effectively by: –

  • Developing a policy and procedures on how to manage disciplinary issues
  • Training managers how to manage the disciplinary process effectively
  • Providing managers with the necessary support throughout the various stages of the disciplinary process
Conflict Resolution and Workplace Mediation2021-05-13T23:49:24+01:00

Although conflict is inevitable and cannot be avoided, it can be the catalyst for positive change and innovation. How conflict is managed will influence the outcome and the long-term impact on the relationships of the parties involved. Mediation is an effective method used to deal with issues and disputes that has caused conflict. An objective mediator facilitates and supports parties to work together, negotiating and agreeing a sustainable solution. This flexible and adaptable approach assists parties to communicate effectively, demonstrate respect for each other and develop effective working relationships going forward. There are several ways to improve how con#ict is managed, that can be undertaken separately or together. These include: –

  • Improve managers competency through training in manage conflict
  • Develop and implement an in-house mediation service to deal with conflict
  • Engage an experienced external mediator to work with parties in conflict

We will advise you on the best option for your organisation and support you in implementing your decision.

Managing Dignity at Work Issues2021-05-13T23:23:09+01:00

Dignity at work relates to how employees are treated in a work context. Managers are responsible to ensure that a safe environment exists where all employees are treated with dignity and respect. This is achieved by communicating expectations to employees in terms of behaviours and ensuring bullying, harassment and sexual harassment is not tolerated. Those subjected to inappropriate behaviour can suffer negative consequences caused by stress. This can affect both the health and wellbeing of the individuals involved and workforce at large, as morale and performance is affected. In order to safe guard employees, a policy/procedure on Bully and Harassment should be in place and communicated to all employees. Managers should be equipped with the skills to challenge non-compliance of the policy and respond appropriately by following the correct procedures. Where issues are dealt with incorrectly matters can escalate or lead to a breach of legislative requirements. Irwin HR can assist you by: –

  • Developing a Dignity at Work policy and procedures to follow to manage a breach of the policy.
  • Training managers how to manage the process where inappropriate behaviour occurs or a complaint is made
  • Providing managers with the necessary support throughout the various steps of the process.

Coaching is now accepted as an effective tool used to develop leadership and people skills and to improve the performance of managers and/or their teams. The benefits of coaching can be achieved on an individual or team basis, through setting goals and objectives, developing actions plans and increasing self-awareness necessary to make behavioural changes to achieve the required results. Equally, managers can develop their coaching skills to engage with and support their staff to achieve results and to create the desired culture. Organisations can capitalise on the bene!ts of coaching by: –

  • Developing an in-house coaching programme through training internal coaches
  • Engaging external experienced coaches to assist management to increase performance
  • Improving communication and performance by training managers in coaching skills.

The model you choose to select depends on the size and requirements of your organisation. We can advise you on the most appropriate coaching model and support you in the design, development, implementation and delivery of a coaching programme that is !t for purpose.


There may be times where leaders, managers and employees find themselves in unfamiliar situations and need the advice and support of a mentor. Having access to a mentor with experience, knowledge and skill, who acts as a role model and can offer advice, guidance and direction can prove beneficial to mentees. A mentoring programme in an organisation can be used for a variety of reasons, including: –

  • Part of the on-boarding process for new employees
  • Maximise development opportunities for employees for continuous professional development
  • Retaining employees by improving job satisfaction, through motivating and engaging with employees.
  • Develop future leaders and support succession planning

The reason for providing mentoring will determine how mentoring is developed and delivered within an organisation. We can assist you in designing, developing and implementing a mentoring programme for your organisation, or by providing you with an external mentor.

Managing Workplace Investigations2021-05-13T23:25:05+01:00

Workplace investigations maybe necessary in a number of circumstances including allegations of misconduct, non-compliance or when an adverse event has occurred. When a workplace investigation is warranted, it is in the interest of every organisation and the parties involved that this is carried out in accordance with natural justice and in a timely manner. Failure to conduct an investigation correctly can be damaging and costly for the organisation. The requirements of a robust investigation may present a challenge for some organisations whose managers do not possess the capacity or skill to conduct an investigation.  Irwin HR can support you by providing experienced independent investigators when required.

Team Effectiveness2021-05-13T23:59:31+01:00

Greater results are achieved where cohesive teams exist and team members support each other towards achieving common goals. All too often dysfunctional teams are caused as a result of a lack of leadership, inappropriate people management, poor work-based relationships, conflict and team dynamics. We can help your team overcome these diffculties, work together more effectively, achieve greater results, improve relationships, enjoy work and improve wellbeing.

Employment Law2021-05-13T23:26:16+01:00

This area can be a cause of concern and anxiety due to the complexity and volume of legislation that can create a risk of exposure due to noncompliance. Let Irwin HR support and guide you through this and empower you to make appropriate decisions connected to employment issues and to comply with legislative requirements

Employee Work Engagement2021-05-14T00:01:35+01:00

Creating a work environment where employees are emotionally connected and committed to the organisation generates greater organisational success as employees make additional effort. Disengagement can have devastating effects for employees and the organisation. We can assist you to develop an employee engagement strategy tailored to your needs and prevent negative consequences for your organisation.

Health & Wellbeing2021-05-14T00:03:22+01:00

How employees feel about work not only affects their wellbeing, it has an impact on job satisfaction, engagement and productivity. Focusing on employee wellbeing bene!ts employees and the organisation as a whole, through: –

  • Improving recruitment and retention
  • Decreasing absenteeism
  • Increasing productivity

We can assist you to develop a health and wellbeing strategy with initiatives that are appropriate to your setting, that will improve employees’ wellbeing and be more effective.

Employment Tribunals2021-05-13T23:27:30+01:00

In the event you are required to attend an employment tribunal, we can provide you with expert advice and support, including access to legal representation if required.

Organisational Design2021-05-14T00:06:25+01:00

How organisations are designed to support strategic goals, it vital for success. As organisations evolve and grow change may be necessary, as what worked in the past may no longer be appropriate. The process of organisational design, aligns the processes, structures and systems with the organisations aims, with a view of increasing efficiency and effectiveness and improving results. Our specialists will assess your current design, how it operates and aligns to your strategy and make recommendations on future design to achieve greater efficiencies and results. Once agreed, we assist in implementing these changes within your organisation or business.

Change Management2021-05-14T00:09:49+01:00

Change is inevitable as organisations continually evolve and transform to achieve objectives. Managing change involves a formal process of identifying, assessing, reviewing, approving and introducing changes. All too often changes made are not embedded and are not sustained over time. We provide support and assistance in planning and implementing an e”ective change management process, that will result in greater success and sustained change through: –

  • Planning and coordinating the implementation of new processes, systems, structures, work practices or policies that are necessary at a particular point in time.
  • Involving key stakeholders and managing those involved in the change to create buy and minimize resistance, resulting in commitment as opposed to compliance.
Planning and Implementation2021-05-14T00:07:54+01:00

Planning is fundamental to the success. It facilitates the identi!cation goals, management of risk, opportunities for improvement, appropriate allocation of resources and effective team working in pursuance of goals. Proper planning, together with effective monitoring and evaluation can boost the effectiveness of programmes, projects or activities and achieve greater results. Effective planning requires expertise which is where we can be of assistance. We will provide support in developing strategic and operational plans, managing the process, implementing changes and monitoring progress.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)2021-05-14T00:11:17+01:00

Employee performance at work and the productivity of the organisation is affected by stressors, including those that are related to work, relationship and mental health issues. Promoting and supporting employee wellness involves interventions and assistance to deal with issues of a personal and professional nature. Providing this bene!t to employees creates a competitive advantage, as performance and productivity improves, and works to attract and retain employees in a competitive labour market. We can help you to design an EAP appropriate to the needs of your organisation, and provide access to relevant professionals such as counsellors.

Onboarding and Induction2021-05-13T22:41:14+01:00

As an employer you are seeking to attract and retain the best candidates, and in doing so you only get one chance to impress. The candidates experience of your onboarding process will not only affect your organisations brand as an employer, but may have a negative impact on employee job satisfaction, performance, level of engagement and retention. We can provide you with the support and assistance you need to develop an onboarding program that meets the needs of your organisation and establishes behaviours of employees.

Performance Appraisal2021-05-13T22:43:12+01:00

Research has shown that employees’ perception of the fairness of procedures in place to manage performance and method of allocating rewards, affects how much management is trusted and the level of employee engagement and commitment to the organisation. You can avoid the negative aspects of performance appraisal by letting us assist you in developing, implementing and managing a fair and equitable system appropriate to your needs

Organisational Development2021-05-13T22:44:40+01:00

Organisational development involves a systematic approach that aligns the organisations strategy, people and processes. Adopting this approach drives success through continuous development necessary for growth and prosperity, together with change to procedures, structures and culture. Our organisational development specialists at Irwin HR will observe the behaviours within your organisation, analyse the problem and recommend appropriate interventions to address speci”c issues and improve outcomes.

Policies, Procedures & Guidelines2021-05-13T22:48:03+01:00

Irrespective of the size of your organisation, policies, procedures and guidelines are essential as they guide and direct employees in terms of what is required and acceptable, and the consequences in the event of a breach. HR polices that need to be brought to the attention of the workforce are often referred to in the employee handbook. Developing these can prove time consuming and a challenge for some organisations. We can take the pressure o! and work with you to develop documents that comply with best practice and legislation

Employee Retention2021-05-13T22:57:04+01:00

As high employee attrition rates are costly and disruptive, many organisations strive to reduce their employee turnover rate and keep employees. Difficulty retaining employees can be a symptom of an underlying problem within the organisation causing employees to become dissatisfied, reduce their level of motivation and commitment to the organisation, which ultimately affects productivity. Our skilled team at Irwin Management Consultancy understand what drives employees to leave. This knowledge is used to identify the underlying cause of high attrition rates and recommend interventions to improve employee retention within your organisation.

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