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With the current economic climate, organisations are continually looking for ways to reduce their costs while increasing their company’s efficiency. HR outsourcing in Dublin is becoming an increasingly popular way to achieve these savings for Irish businesses.

Starting a new or running a business is hectic. You need to promote your products and services if you want to succeed, but with so much to take care of, it’s sometimes impossible to find the time!

If you’re looking to save money on running an in-house HR department, or to simply free your internal team up to focus on driving business growth, then we can offer you a complete HR Administration service. Our team of HR experts will handle each and every day-to-day HR responsibility to cover the employee lifecycle from start to finish.

We can work as part of your management team offering an HR presence within your business and can work both on-site and remotely providing your company with a fully functioning HR department.

We can provide all of the documentation that you need for your employees including contracts of employment, handbooks and company policies and procedures. All of these can be bespoked for your business needs.

Does your business need an HR health check?

Think your business needs some HR input, but not sure where or how?

10 signs your business could use a HR health check:

  1. Not all your employees have employment contracts.
  2. You have no formal policies and procedures in place or are not 100% convinced they meet current employment law regulations.
  3. Your staff do not have job descriptions
  4. You are unsure of the next steps if an employee was to make a complaint about bullying or harassment for example.
  5. You have no formal performance review / appraisal process in place.
  6. You have no structured onboarding processes.
  7. Staff retention is typically less than two years or perhaps you have lost more staff than normal in the past 6 months
  8. Your business doesn’t have an up to date company handbook.
  9. You have no formal recruitment process or you struggle to attract the right calibre of candidate
  10. You do not check references or qualifications of new starters or conduct exit interviews when staff leave.

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